Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sharp Edges: JB sketch process

This is a quick sketch I did this morning – I thought I would break it down into stages and lay the process out a bit. This style reflects more of what the artwork in Sharp Edges will actually look like. The previous “character development” drawings I’ve done are more detailed than would appear in the actual panels because I wanted to “draw everything” in them, to really map the facial topography of the characters. When drawing the actual panels, the line work will be more suggestive than exact, quicker and less detailed – this sketch is an example of that, this whole process probably took 10 minutes. I’m now using the “road map” I’ve already laid down of JB’s face and just putting it in place.

I’m still considering style options in terms of colouring but I’m comfortable that this is “my style” in terms of the line work at the moment: realistic but I can lay it down quickly (important for comic book stuff). I also really enjoy drawing in this style and when I doodle on post it notes and scrap paper when talking on the phone, this is the style I draw in which leads me to believe there must be something quite natural about this style for me.

Anyway, here’s the JB sketch from this morning broken down into the 3 stages I tend to work in…
As usual, click to enlarge

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