Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sharp Edges: character development

I’m pretty much investing all of my drawing time, thinking time, agonising-over-details time in the Sharp Edges project now. I haven’t had much time to spend on it of late which is frustrating but by way of an update, here are a few head shot sketches of 3 of the main characters:

The old hand, expert’s expert and purveyor of wisdom, Lucas:
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The ideas man, analyst, methodical gambler, Rubiks:
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The young gun, the natural, sometimes guilty of too much gamble, JB:
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These are preliminary sketches, the looks may be tweaked here and there as I work on further character sketches but this is the foundation on which they will be based. They are all based on real people in different ways – for example, Lucas is firmly based on 2 specific people. JB is based on an amalgamation of several people in terms of his personality, however, his appearance is based on one of those people in particular. Similarly, Rubiks is based on a few different people in terms of personality traits but quite specifically on one person in terms of appearance - This “grounded in reality” approach is the basis on which I am designing all the prominent characters and perpetuates the theme of authenticity I’m trying to incorporate in every aspect of this project.

I feel I should mention that I’ve been granted permission by all the “models” (I use that term in a very broad sense here) to borrow from their likenesses for the project. They will also be getting original artwork of the character based on their likeness as a small token of my appreciation.

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