Sunday, 23 December 2012

Pulp Fiction Tribute

This is very exciting for me. I’ve just received a run of prints of a piece of artwork which was a bit of a gamble, allow me to elaborate:

My own pen and ink style is intentionally unlike anything else I’ve seen (if I do say so myself!), it involves creating the gradation normally produced by hatching with what appears to be almost random line work (I intend to make a post about the evolution of this style at some point for people who don’t bore easily!). I produced this Pulp Fiction tribute work 100% digitally in my style not really knowing if it would translate to print. I was acutely aware that if the printer had to increase or decrease the scale of the image at all then it wouldn’t work, the fine line work and the balance in tone I’d worked for would be lost. It was with tremendous trepidation that I walked into the printers last week to pick up the prints. Thankfully, the gamble paid off, they look great! I couldn’t have had a better Christmas present!

The prints are now for sale in my shop here: for £10 (free p&p in the UK) or contact me direct - they are printed on quality 250gsm A3 size stock. Please visit and check out my wares (thanks!).

A special thanks goes to Olwen at the printers for her saint-like patience in dealing with a string of inane questions from me as I had a week long anxiety attack about these prints and also for her skills and recommendations that resulted in such a great outcome.

click to enlarge

detail of Jules

detail of Vincent - click to enlarge

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